Memories begin to sub consciously replay listening to sounds of falling rain from skies so dark and grey
There's no place that's safe once misery begins its parade
You can't simply reinstate time gone to waste
Witnessing everything we made vanish without a trace
Still there's not a moment I would trade
Cursing hopes arrival that's constantly delayed
Overwhelming all pain relays I'm far beyond any assistance or aid
Struggling to maintain such hatred and rage almost impossible to contain
Surely someone can relate to these same feelings understanding they will never be replaced
Haunted by distant echoes calling out my name
Trapped in this miserable disarray luxuries of happiness are no longer mine to claim
All love and light was buried under an unmarked grave
Honestly I have nothing left to gain other than an endless cycle of shame
Convicted of committing crimes against the heart I tried to refrain
It's no longer a game once your hands are bloodstained
Staring up at the firing squad as it takes aim
Losing grip over life's eternal reign
Lost in amongst this endless maze
As sunlight fades and stars raise I find myself reminiscing on better days
Lost love is bound to drive anyone insane especially after taking a trip down memory lane
Happiness is only displayed within moments of time carefully chosen to be frozen in picturesque frames
A great man once said where there's a will there's a way instead I'm just starved of change but who am I to complain I have only myself to blame
Life's shape has begun to appear almost concave
Its strange how the pain always remains
Those brave enough to survive heartaches initiation are subjected to life expectancies limited to short estimations
Applying rapid acceleration misery enslaves entire populations
This is no exaggeration upon evaluation there's no time for evacuation
All I wanted was liberation but I'm ineligible for exoneration forced into alienated segregation
Victim of miseries relentless mental obliteration
Just another 1 of its specially articulated orchestrations
On my underworld travels I was greeted by the Devils salutations
Shadows of darkness are a deadly infatuation offering irresistible temptations
Now I prescribe my own medication after facing such humiliation
Loneliness is a forsaken sensation so I arranged to linguistically launch this investigation
I have no need for your commiserations
Unlike most who act out of desperation
I'm not seeking compensation or remuneration
Only an opportunity to offer an adequate explanation
Vivid images of the past are exposed in suspended animation
As you can see pain comes with no abbreviation just utter devastation
Initially my suffering originated in a undisclosed location
Its creation led to the discovery of ill gotten information
Consumed with a burning hatred I stand amidst wastelands of desolation
I was left with only 1 ultimatum upon love and lights termination
An early demise suddenly becomes a popular recommendation when facing a lifetime of incarceration
If you need any further validation this is what I call a heartless celebration
Verbally painting using lyrics so abrasive like spirits that are methylated
Heavily intoxicated blazing Mary Jane inside my room unventilated
The following is heartache lyrically authenticated
This demonstration consists only of factual statements unlike religions antiquated misinterpretations
Theories of the universes insemination are subject to manipulation
Losing control of navigation your sudden departure was a brutal revelation
Draining all my energy in relation to determination
The heartless are deprived of salvation unworthy of redemption through emancipation
If only I hadn't tested destinies patience now I await the end in anticipation
My ability to vent my frustrations with liquor and weed is failing
Craving the embrace I've long awaited but all hope has long dissipated
Wallowing in resentment and sorrow
my own downfall willingly I participated
Breaching normal protocol containment nearing time for preparation of final arrangements
In the end my final destination has a reputation for indiscriminate damnation
A place where bad guys go on permanent vacation