Defining our very existence is problematic like calculating advanced mathematics when studying quantum entanglements
In most cases your left answerless heartache so adamant plagued by feelings of abandonment
Darkness is miseries catalyst something you can't resist watching all hope diminish
Haunted by vivid images death becomes the highest privilege
The burning fire inside has long been extinguished
Through my bloodshot eyes Ive witnessed
true love relinquished
The pain doesn't simply fade and finish
Sometimes I can see silhouettes in the distance
Evil conquers and divides without any resistance until all safe havens were compromised
In flames of hellfire I was baptised so to clarify in the event of my demise my soul can never be purified
Failure to adequately fortify allows misery to occupy my fragile state of mind
Happiness denied so over time it was the dead I grew to despise
Something only the heartless could rationalise
I've chosen to write this letter knowing words could never make it better
no matter how clever
Into the Devils chamber I enter
Voices whispered welcome to the underworld epicentre
My hands tremble and quiver with uncontrollable tremors
Succumb to miseries relentless pressure
my greatest fears and errors reveal such incomprehensible terror
In each series of events I was the primary aggressor
Consider the following my final lecture
Heartaches most distinguished professor
Misery stands as every mans oppressor
victims of its deadly pleasures
Appearing almost translucent movement so fluid it's something you can't measure
Desperately I endeavoured to prevent destinies tether being severed
Skin so soft and tender together we shared the spoils of lust and leisure
Memories I treasure vanish amongst fire and flames until all that remains are burning embers
Remember nothing lasts forever