I've learnt never to underestimate a man with nothing to lose
It's in the shadows where the heartless take refuge
As it neared time for my underworld daily commute the devil made me an offer
I couldn't possibly refuse
A new recruit thrown into a life of ill repute
Suffering pain so acute
The mind can't even begin to compute
Seduced by evil at its grassroots
There's a murderer on the loose
New identity assumed
Blending in with the rest of the suits
Feasting on the garden of Eden's forbidden fruits
Cursed to follow the forsaken path of doom
Countless dark nights spent under distant luminescence of the moon
None of us are immune
Deaths coming for you
He'll be here soon
Dancing to lucifers favoured tune
busting a move to this devilish groove
Indiscriminately slaughtering Christian's Muslims and Jews
Here comes the Judge jury and execute
Trauma so profuse inflicting lethal wounds
Victims laid to rest within nameless tombs
Evils my bride and I'm it's groom
I don't follow a set code or rules
You got a problem that's cool
Until they discover your corpse
lying In a congealed blood pool
Arriving to each job with appropriate tools assures everything runs smooth
Once you hear gunshots go boom
I suggest taking shelter inside the closest panic room
Stolen from their mothers wombs
street guerrillas turn contract killers
with nothing left to prove
Tracking targets with 40 times optical zoom
Remember no ones bulletproof
Eliminating all immediate threats deploying special forces platoons
Battalions of troops lacing up their steel capped boots
Shoot to kill orders green lit for use
Radioactive ordinance launches shrouding the earth in clouded mushrooms
In the event of any violent dispute
I'm always sure not to leave any clues
Relentless in its pursuit evil consumes
It's in all of us residing in our ridicule
Purpose clear and resolute
Darkness you can't allude
Disguised in a jihad costume
Holy and sacred places it proceeds to intrude
Planting explosives that can't be diffused
Cowardly methods I don't approve
Death in Gods honour I can't constitute
Long lost principles of loyalty and respect are fundamental attributes
The choice is simple you choose
This is real life not some ****ing cartoon
Ghosts of the fallen I salute
Oh you want to walk in my shoes
A man with absolutely nothing to lose
I exist alone in solitude living as a recluse
My mind and body I pollute with prolonged liquor and drug abuse
Lost in a haze of Mary Jane fumes
Life expectancy dramatically reduced
Reasons why I should continue breathing
are constantly under review
I've always feared the approaching horizons interlude
Suicidal like a skydiver jumping
without a parachute
Once all love is removed the abilities necessary to express emotion can no longer be reproduced
Sometimes certain patterns of thought trigger the scent of her perfume
Memories I'm forced to exclude
Accepting fates rebuke odds are nothing will improve
I'm not here to amuse travelling down many paved avenues presenting lyrical jewels made of nothing but real rhythm and blues
Listen I payed my dues and to tell you the truth it's time for some long overdue gratitude
From microscopic molecules to the universes endless altitude
Each includes energy measured in seismic magnitude
Before you judge my attitude
I recommend taking a moment to see the world from my point of view
A place growing cold and destitute
until darkness subdues
As we conclude upon the final issue
No matter the amount of revenue
It's Freedom above all else
There can be no substitute