Welcome to a world desolated and borderless
Home to only those who roam hopeless
Total annihilation blitzkrieg styles I ordered this
All matter of life was rendered motionless after humanity lost all purpose and focus
If you haven't noticed soldiers are dying for honour on street corners knowing all to well their goners
Next stop is the coroner
Maybe your lucky enough to have somebody to mourn ya or your just another serial number added to KIA identification folders
Fleeing democracy to fight for Islamic ideologies are fathers and sons to mothers and daughters including radicalised foreigners
Any who oppose were violently slaughtered
It's just an endless amount of senseless death for a movement that's at its core causeless
To die fighting for a future that will never arrive must be terrifying
Watching as the reaper materialises
Lyrically ever flowing with a touch that's Midas
Linguistically disgusting like a pastor defiling minors
Your currently in the presence of the universes grand designer
Pinned down and under heavy fire a motherless child cries staring up at stars questioning the existence of something higher
Guriella fighters start hammer sliding firing kevlar igniters
Evil is determined to conquer and divide us
Under the cold earth deep within haunted forests rest countless corpses
all riddled with advance stages of riggamortis
Of course I'm remorseless it's just another day at the office
Evil and hate moulds each and everyone of us so it's only me I trust
Incapable of emotional expressions i'am unfamiliar with such concepts as joy and love cursing the paradise above
I got mc's *****ing far worse than any woman when it comes that time of the month
Armed with military grade arsenal of explosive ordinates and guns
Humanities suffering supply's the necessary funds
My Dirty Harry 44 will force crime scene investigators to wipe up your remains with a Kleenex sponge
I told the judge and jury they'll come to regret the day they lock me up
Organising major prison busts calling in a favour from my friend mr robot
This is absolute debauchery like a gang banging priest demolishing virgin nuns
Raging like my diarreah after a long weekend on the drugs
Obviously you've mistaken me for someone who gives a ****
Gangsters to thugs we all bleed the same colour blood
Erasing mc's into nothing but fine particles of dust
Launching warheads from a commandeered nuclear sub
Resulting explosions reverberate all the way down into the earths crust
You gotta have bodies notched up
if you want to join my elite gentlemen's club
Once upon a time I had values and morals but since I'm no longer mortal appearing almost docile I strike removing organs so forceful
This is histories immortal lyricist
master of all arts verbally oral
Travelling through inter dimensional temporal time portals
I got crack rocks that's got these addicts acting loco like kids on too much red cordial
Don't **** with the beast I'm known to get hostile and territorial releasing natural born killa audio
Each day of your miserable life from this moment onwards is what it will cost you
I've existed longer than ancient Palioeotonic fossils
I was present at Christ's last super as the 13th apostle
We sang no gospels only drinking from the bottle participating in colossal orgies with dozens of Roman models
Hands firmly on the throttle most mc's are far out of my super league living off time that's burrowed
Trapped on this forsaken planet consumed by intolerable hatred and sorrow
'Hadron the almighty Collida' reigns as supreme pharaoh
Initiating fallout protocols code named broken arrow
The most horrific demise is your only option launching deadly bio toxins into battle
In hell I'm the 1 pulling all the levers and handles
Entering the Devils chambers illuminated by church candles
I was asked to commit aggravated robbery against King Solomon's 3 wise men stealing their holy bounty and slaughtering their camels
I heard the desert is a harsh place to navigate without any water or sandals
Sleighing the divine messiah at his mantle offering bloodshed from all angles
My mother always told me 'No one can stand you'
Reparations were demanded upfront and in full cuz life's a ***** and she sure is cruel
I sold my soul to the devil so now they call me Exodus the lyrical sentinel
Implementing execution procedures deemed unethical
Dropping subjects into tanks consisting of extremely corrosive chemicals
Aiming down the scope reticle penetrating your retinals turning rappers into lifeless vegetables
The following wordplay display is nothing less than exceptional
All I got is my word and my testicles so step right up to raps greatest spectacle
Give me a pad and pencil and I'll just go ****ing mental
Rhyme styles so impeccable reciting each figure of Pi to the last decimal
Lyrical murderer professional c sectioning your intestinal's while puffing on some Mary Jane sensual
It's not that I can't be sensible
It's just that deaths unpreventable
Survival is questionable with a health status at best terminal
Salvation ineligible paradise is impenetrable for any man devilishly reputable
So tell me again who can't be sensible
Creepin' like a smooth criminal containing exposure moments to a minimal
Unleashing critical inflictions on unsuspecting victims spraying blood from the floor to the ceiling
I don't give a **** about your feelings
Murder I alone redefine the meaning
Whack mc's simply I just delete em'
Spitting linguistics so articulate silencing all hypocrite critics
The math is basic astronomical amounts of digits calculated in universal laws of physics Ive altered and twisted
Just as the devil insisted its time for humanity to finish
As nations burn evil is set to replenish all reserves
Prepare to meet with evil on its own terms and that's the least of your concerns
Dark side empires mankind is forced to serve
Severing rappers spinal cords removing all sensation from your nerves
I got a insatiable hunger and thirst for blood
Here comes the Devils son wanted outlaw on the run
In these cold dark streets I hunt slipping on some black gloves
Slicing open jugulars leaving you bleeding out on the kerb
If you think that's bad it's only going to get worse
I've always had a way with words lyrically spellbound by a demonic curse
As shadows of darkness converge simply they won't disperse
Blazing the herbs while writing verse after verse of immaculate proverbs
Haven't you heard failure to acknowledge its existence life expectancies rapidly diminishes
Producing combat music that opens yours eyes like a prime time exclusive on 60 minutes
Travelling abroad kidnapping kids and all types of nasty business boosting ratings and credits
**** a clean edit behold the venomous linguistic heretic
Sentenced to a lifetime inside Syrian torture prisons
The opposite of any western judicial system
Plagued by mindless violence, starvation and disease
Eventually you come to welcome death
This is not a test any last words before you take your last breath
Crushing craniums with a 32 inch wrench around your skull I clench imploding everything above your neck
Call it whatever you like rapture or apocalypse its guaranteed to eradicate
the entire populous
Detectives have no solid evidence to make any convictions even after extensive coronial inquests
Still I'm serving out an immortal death sentence in a place where vacating residents are far from benevolent
I'm a lyrical supremacist ****ing Lucifers tight and sensitive receptionist
Exodus the linguistic perfectionist is so competitive transporting mc's into realms so dark and desolate
To be honest I can't recall the last time I slept embarking on a drug fuelled quest
Smoking meth with addicts marching on parliament steps demanding more Centrelink benefits
In all possible outcomes the results are nothing but negative
The consequences are indefinite for those with outstanding deficits
This right here is the beginning of the end **** Genesis Exodus is Gods arch nemesis
Drugs, liquor and sin who could possibly resist
Don't you know the world is yours if the shoe fits
Just make sure its your heart and soul your willing to relinquish
Just when you think you might win this
I come through with the mortal kombat fatality finish
Hells number 1 musician was awarded the highest merits honouring legendary verbal distinctions
My elegant vocabulary can only be described using 1 word
Igniting hellfire infernos that can't be extinguished is the underworlds most distinguished lyrical delinquent