There are no words in any recorded language providing precision descriptions of such hellish visions
Here desolation takes on a new definition
No longer are there any hero's or villains only images of death and despair aired daily on living room televisions
Corrupted politicians unworthy of making crucial decisions refusing to acknowledge public opinion only raises further suspicion
Inspiring radicals to homegrown attrition
For centuries the allure of God like power and endless currency drove many into
ill fated competition
There is no resolution to this destitution
so an early demise seems most efficient
Humanity has long hidden its most violent ambitions resulting in the death of millions
Desperate citizens begging for basic provisions subjected to inhumane conditions
Another victim destined for the local mortician
No matter whether your Muslim or Christian
Its absolutely imperative you carefully observe and listen
Face it the truth will never be exposed on front page editions
There's no breaking news bulletins about the countless children dying from malnutrition
All that we can see and touch is primed for demolition
Good and evil there's no longer a distinction
Hatred erupts into fire and flame upon ignition
Fracturing global alliances descend violently into turbulent divisions
risking the collision of nuclear munitions
The following isn't just a premonition
it's decrypted transcriptions of mankinds self inflicted extinction
Destruction patterns consistent with projected warhead ballistics
Unfortunately there are no quick fixes
Forced to fight for our very existence
In a world void of faith there's no such thing as forgiveness
In a world void of love and light
darkness beckons it can't be resisted
Impervious to all forms of resistance
evils ever so persistent and holistic
Eagerly seeking out those who can be conscripted
Below you feel the earth shifted
as volcanoes explode like fuel injected pistons
Now we are really cooking in Hell's Kitchen
Relinquishing my soul for admission afflicted convictions committed are alphabetically listed
The beginning of the end has been devastatingly depicted
Pilgrims prayers invoke benediction but reality shatters all religious traditions
In the end no ones really listening
Permanently mankind was evicted stripped of all existence
Now together we witness our final moments transmitted into vivid images appearing sickly and twisted
Approaching the finish I grimace
looking back for a final time to envisage
the horizon all but fade and diminish