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    Daylight begins fluctuating
    Darkness starts resonating
    Gravitational escalations propel me towards the very moment the universe was impregnated
    For countless days patiently I waited
    Through rain and snow I tolerated conditions so desecrating
    Roaming amongst this desolate wasteland void of irrigation
    Fire and flames hasten
    Navigating lonley streets where cars and buildings are blazing
    Taking shelter in empty homes sometimes you can hear distant echoes
    Right now the truth is an early demise I’m craving
    Deprived of any freedom peace to the liberated
    Now days evil is easily duplicated
    Now days evil is easily legislated
    Long ago God ceased all forms of communication
    To hell he immigrated
    Visibly shaken after my only purpose for living was forcefully taken
    To this nightmare Ive awaken
    Outside it’s raining dripping and saturating
    Standing at hatreds very point of origination
    Shadows of cremated landscapes expose failing sun ray penetration
    It should come hardly as a surprise humanities downfall was our very own creation
    There’s no mistaking this ILL FATED situation
    Nuclear war erases entire nations Survivors fall victim to genetic mutations
    Self inflicted detonations willingly instigated
    Upon Einstein intellect activation stimulation designation allows unprecedented brain operation
    Ballistic calculations are taken
    in preparation for presidential assassinations
    No lies
    No exaggerations
    Each bar can be defined using 2 words Murder premeditated
    Producing verbal demonstrations more complicated than mapping out entire constellations
    In the end our rights are unlawfully confiscated
    Can you here the screams??
    Silencing innocent pleas their suffering is nothing but invalidated
    Located at the point of no return it’s clear all hope has long evaporated
    Love and Lights dissipation was rapid and uncompensated
    Won’t be long now by my estimations
    From currency inflation to mass migration
    From brutal wars to crippling starvation
    Immense suffering is accurately portrayed through linguistic translations
    Humanities foundations crumble subjected to tectonic vibrations
    Misery sub consciously infiltrated
    Victims sedated free of all sensation
    It has no cure or remedy similar to infectious contagions
    In most cases the results reveal victims find comfort in isolation
    Generation left alienated pushed into groups of social segregation
    Humiliated I was refused entrance at divine havens
    Denied any chance of emancipation
    **** it I’m not seeking salvation
    All I seek is illumination
    Inciting revolution within oppressive populations
    Inspiring generations of youth who’s minds are contaminated with restrictions and regulations
    Here I’ve chosen to channel all my pain and frustrations
    School of hard knocks graduation
    now I’m providing wisdom and education
    Feeling obligated to supply perfected lyrical donations
    Forgive the length and duration
    The journey is long reaching the end dehydrated
    But darkness is so insistently persuasive
    offering endless temptations
    Infecting in stages emotional luxuries are deviated
    The end eagerly I anticipated
    Not even for a moment did I become complacent
    Descending below towards hells basement
    Consumed by rage impossible to contain it
    Accepting the devils invitation so consider the following my final statement
    Im the games brazen Caucasian displaying vivid lyrical illustrations
    Shadowed by flocks of ravens on any given occasion
    Upon approach I appear unshaven behaviour so ferociously abrasive
    Decapitating college students like Jason
    Washing blood down the basin
    When it’s the reaper your facing death is the only solution to the equation
    Kids filling in chalk outlines on the pavement
    The cost of life is outrageous
    In shadows of darkness you find hatred so contagious
    Spreading like plague through out the ages
    I’ve dedicated each word to all those who never made it
    For all those who could never hope to replace it
    Rapidly escalating happiness I’m chasing
    Far out of reach it’s absence is dibilitating
    Arranging combinations of liquor flavours while Inhaling Mary Jane vapours i scribe legendary rhyme designs to paper
    Exodus the social eraser
    Rap saviour lyrical tailor linguistic major
    Simply I can’t be imitated
    This is not entertainment defy my divine lines and risk castration
    Just pain and misery so innovative
    **** hypocritic censorship
    Lyrics unregulated spitting God-body interpretations
    Sound waves generated sub consciously drive citizens to commit violence
    so heinous
    Religion inspires god willing genocide but those responsible remain faceless
    In the absence of a messiah pilgrims are left faithless
    Wandering forsaken paths aimless
    No matter whether your poor and faded or rich and famous there’s no escaping
    Rhythmic style expertly calibrated
    On the mic I’m salivating like a deranged mental patient
    Spitting raw **** manipulating gravity until you see me levitating
    **** with the beast to a shallow grave your relegated
    Ordinarily approaching the end is cause for celebration but where I’m heading the only guarantee is eternal damnation
    Carefully detailing all observations
    Surrounded by war torn devastation
    it’s clear evil has begun its invasion
    Helplessly I stood watching all love and light fading
    All that I built slowly erasing
    Contemplating whether what ever little remains is worth saving
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