lately things have been crazy,
but this rap game pays me;
I'm the youngest poet,
I wanted everyone to know it,
told'em I don't care how you show it,
Just as long as you know it;
I had put my hands up,
I what more whiskey in my cup,
all the homies said was"yep, yep"
that was the best thing except,
my love fell into it's depth,
my mind is all I kept;
now i sit in class and laugh,
trying to choose if my life's on the right path,
teacher wonders why I'm so good at math;
you now why; I fake it, till I make it,
so don't mistake it,
this is what I get,
all this bull ****,
drown in a bottomless pit,
pulling out all my wit,
you know what **** this ****.
-young P0ET
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