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    Default The Monster That You Made

    No, I ain't in a mood,
    Don't have an attitude...
    This ain’t a fad, it sure ain’t just a phase.

    I hate to let you down,
    But you should know by now,
    You can’t kill the monster that you made.

    Blister and bruise,
    Belittle, abuse.
    Bend me, I won’t break, but I’ll break you.

    Fracture and sprain,
    Body and brain.
    If you don’t kill me now, here’s what I’ll do…

    I’ll get up on my hands and knees,
    Get up off the ground.
    Pull myself up to my feet,
    And then I’ll hunt you down.

    Mess with the bull,
    You’re gonna get the horns,
    Play with fire,
    You’re bound to get burned.
    Beat a dog,
    For all his life.
    Might silence his bark,
    But you’ll feel his bite.
    Poke a bear,
    In his cage.
    You best hope that f*cker don’t get out someday.

    Drag the waters,
    Drag the blade.
    Like cyanide,
    in lemonade.
    Angel of death,
    Demon of life,
    You twist my words,
    You twist the knife.
    Never trust,
    Only blame.
    Play me dear,
    and lose the game.

    I won’t be fooled,
    Won’t be betrayed.
    Won’t be held back,
    By ropes you’ve frayed,
    I’m not afraid.
    I’m not afraid.

    Messed with the bull,
    Got the horns.
    Played with fire,
    Then ya got burned.
    Beat a dog,
    For all his life.
    Silenced his bark,
    But then ya felt his bite.
    Poked a bear,
    In his cage.
    Paid the price when he got out today...

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    Killa rhymes cuzin I envy your ability to not over complicate your flow which I’m still yet to master

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