You play me like the second fiddle,
In a rack of worn out instruments.
You treat me like Iím oh so little,
And think there is no consequence.

Now I gotta draw the line,
I got an arcane sense of space and time.
Iíll end yours if you waste mine,
you know.

I know I can take a life,
Kinda like youíve taken mine.
Donít make me do something you might regret.

You're playing with a loaded gun,
I got a sick sense this might be fun,
You haven't seen the darkness I posses.

I've stared down the lonesome road,
Stared the devil in the eyes.
If you listen close enough,
You can hear his distant cries.

His black magic fell just short,
When he cast his spells on me.
Cuz you can't take the soul of someone,
Who embraces misery.

You play me like the second fiddle,
in a rack of worn out instruments...