I still see the light... despite the darkness before my eyes
Its blinding it's bright.. though the channel's thorny
I'll walk it to the end of the tunnel... it's funny
How we trying to make it against all odds
All pros and all cons... to reach the tail end of this odd road
Life and its odd calls, false traps and false course
Winding, twisting and turning, running through the tracks of its race course
Of course it's tiring, but what choice do we have but to face its cause and effect when the choice to defect is no course to be take-n
Damn... But still I take it, so many inspirational voices
So many turns and so many motivational choices
So many pitfalls and foot trap, so many deaths and so many lives lost in this life's struggle
So who am I? When fellow man has turned against his kind
So many murders, whatever happened to the notion of being kind
Of love of neighbors as oneself, of humanity and selfless prospects of prosperity
Damn am tired... But who am I if i give up?
So I hold on, fight till the end, like a wounded soldier for the right order
And hope that fate shows a kinder gesture for it
in the name of the Father, son and the Holy Spirit.