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    Default Disco song "Tonight's for loving"


    I need help finding a Disco song I heard on the radio a few years back. Here is what I remember:

    - Song is likely Disco or House, has a 1980s feel to it (although it might be newer).
    - The lyrics are, or sound like, "I love you, and you love me" and "...Tonight's for loving!" alternatively it might be "I know you, and you know me".
    - The tempo is fast, at least in the parts containing the lyrics above.
    - The singer also at a quick tempo when signing the above phrases.

    - IMPORTANT: I only heard a bit of the song, so the rest could be an entirely different genre (that is okay, it happens) but I know the disco element and the above lyrics (or similar-sounding) are in the so

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    Try the following songs:
    "Telepathy" by Christina Aguilera
    "The Greatest Word" by Jennifer Love Hewitt
    Them that can, do; them that can't... memorize Artist and Title

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    Thank you for replying.

    The first song is closer in terms of rhythm, but it lacks the Disco tune (in particular I noticed the stretched "tonight's for loving"-sounding bit is absent).

    The second song is just off, although I appreciate the suggestions.
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