As we embraced for the last time
I watched the life vanish from your eyes
Itís hard to imagine a day without your smile
Alone in this endless expanse of darkness I walk for miles
Wandering amongst the rubble once called home I stand like a motherless child
Consequences of failing fates many trials
Haunted by your ghost every once in awhile but no matter how hard I try your always just out of sight
Happiness all but deprived
No one not even God could answer me why??
True love denied for my failure to adequately provide
Despite all that was sacrificed I have no concern for whatís wrong or right
Nothing left to lose my shame I wonít be forced to disguise
An early demise is a heartless mans most sought after prize
Heavily on the liquor and drugs I rely
Screaming up above only to never receive a reply
Exhausted and haunted after far too many sleepless nights
Too be honest the coming winter I wonít survive
No longer can I fight with no God to reconcile
All I need is to see you smile
So even if I must search for you until the end of all matter light and time
I know one day we will reunite
Igniting a final burst of starlight
No divine designs only true love impervious to any demise
Itís Immortal
Forever flowing
Time slowing
In my arms Iím holding
In the distance I can see you glowing
Finally ghosts of the fallen have awoken
Loneliness is misery provoking
Shadows of darkness approaching
This is the fate Iíve chosen
Suddenly your voice echoes forcing motions pausing
ďIíll be with you no matter where ever you may roam, think of me in the passing wind as it blows.
Iam the air exhaling out of your chest nice and slow or your favourite stars immortal glow, donít ever give up hope just know your not alone patiently Iím waiting for you too come home...Ē