Iam the verbal superamcist spitting raw syphillis
So **** up kid before I 360 ya head like the excorsist
Shooting up parliment is this homegrown terrorist
Every threat received is deemed legitimate
Earning my certificate mastering raps intricate syllabus
1 word provides the definition for this lyricist...Villanous...
Using the mic like a lethal instrument
Murder so meticulous
Lyrically I alone single handedly redefined the laws of physics
Reciting pie to the very last digit as I reconstruct ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics
Slicing jugulars and ligaments Im far from innocent
No heart
No feelings
Im spiritless
Just so you know the end is imminent
Spitting legendary lingustics there is
no equivalent to such wickedness
Remember this Evils supply is infinite but
our time here is limited