Evil has begun its invasion
Enforcing systematic annihilations
No discrimination all corpses are incinerated
Adjacent tombstones rest nameless
Emotional sensations face immediate elimination
In hearts of men evil originated
Death and despair without any justification
Let's just face it
The math is basic
Love and light comes with no replacements
Our insatiable hunger for vengeance has done us no favours
Infested by such hatred it breaches containment
Nothing can prevent activation of volatile situations
From Hacking warhead missile installations to inciting holy wars eradicating entire populations plus terminating Sunday church congregations
Trust me there's no evading
No escaping
So listen closely to the following perfected lyrical demonstrations
Born out of constant suffering and isolation I was found guilty of crimes against the heart sentenced to solitary incarceration
Inhaling Mary Jane vapours temporarily grants mental separation
Evils malicious motivations exposed through intricatlely designed lingustics transmitting vivid illustrations
I can see mankind's self inflicted extermination
Verbal animations so sophisticated reveal translations of shocking revelations
Brutal ramifications instigating the failure of civilisations foundation
Delicate microphone calibrations disperse sound waves emanating massive
seismic vibrations
These are observations taken from a heartless man roaming amongst this vast lifeless expanse
All that once stood crumbles and falls
into sands of this irradiated wasteland
Holding up empty hands salvation pilgrims demand
Introducing Evil my new romance
From the very beginning I stood no chance
Still haunted by ghosts of the past
Approaching final destinations my soul was confiscated
In the end my fate I've endangered
Deaths cold grip so long now I've savoured
Alone and heartless misery personally
I tailored
As master rhyme designator I need no divine saviour
Nor do I trust my friends or neighbours nothing but snakes and traitors
In the end we are all victims of our own failures
As you prepare to meet your maker
I was enslaved into a lifetime of hard labour
Merciless invaders scar the planet with radioactive craters
Major detonations results in utter devastation acre after acre
No one not even God could save ya
Buried deep beneath many layers are lyrical inscriptions scribed onto paper
Alpha and omega I possess the data
Now time is the only remainder
But I can assure you it will all be over sooner or later