I'm trying to find a song that featured in S02 E13 of Las Vegas. There's a song with a rapper and a female vocalist that features in a scene in a strip club. I've tried using Shazam and looking up the lyrics but I can't find it. The song occurs at 29:34 and you can watch the episode at http://lavamovies.se/tv-series/las-vegas/s02e13/

I believe the chorus goes like this:

[Female vocalist]
All day and night I've been looking, and baby you know what I'm feeling
I'm getting hot, hot, hot, hot
All day and night I've been wanting, and baby you got what I'm feeling
You make me hot, hot, hot, hot

Also, one of the phrases by the rapper is "the only thing that I love more than her is hip hop"

I would appreciate any help, I've got this song stuck in my head and have been trying to find it for ages!