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    "This song was composed by Maurus Ó Faoláin, a Cistercian priest born in Kilrossanty, Co Waterford 1853. He was elected Abbot of Mount Mellery in 1908 and remained there until his death in 1931. He collected poetry as well as composing his own. The Comeragh Mountains are a glaciated mountain range situated in the south east of Ireland in County Waterford. They are located between the towns of Carrick-on-Suir and Clonmel on the County Tipperary border and the villages of Kilrossanty and Kilmacthomas in County Waterford. The twelve mountains which form the Comeragh Mountains are very popular for mountain climbers and hikers. The highest point is at 792 m (2,598 ft)."
    source free-scores com


    Lyrics and translation here -> http://www.celticlyricscorner.net/solas/achomaraigh.htm

    My heartfelt blessings
    On your valleys and mountains
    Sweet Comeragh
    And on your cheeful people
    So naturally kind
    Sweet Comeragh
    On your shining streams
    And your leafy woodlands
    Your honeyed slopes
    And your gleaming meadows
    My heart fills with love
    For all of them surely
    Sweet Comeragh

    Your rugged peaks
    Are a handsome sight
    Sweet Comeragh
    As the rising sun
    Sets them aflame
    Sweet Comeragh
    Cliffs and steep slopes
    In every direction
    Like a satin weave
    From a magic loom
    As the dew falls
    From the heavens high
    Sweet Comeragh

    I was a while away
    From your beauty
    Sweet Comeragh
    Slaving so hard
    In a foreign land
    Sweet Comeragh
    Base work it was
    Just making a living
    Far from my home
    'Neath the shade of your mountains
    So I came back to you
    The flower of the Déise
    Sweet Comeragh

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