Here are several song ideas that I won't be pursuing. They came to me when I thought my daughter (now 14) was going to serious about wanting to be a country music singer. So, they were made for a young girl to sing. I'm still trying to convince her that it's not going to just fall in her lap. Anyway, she hates anything I write and won't even read any of it anymore. Oh well...

The first one on here is a kids song that had nothing to do with the above. It's about two days old. I just don't know where kids songs become a thing???


I saw a monkey;

Riding on a donkey.

A donkey wearing skis

When I asked him why,

He said he lost his car key.

I once saw a monkey,

Who was riding a donkey.

He said, “If you think this is funky,

You should see us when he's wearing skis!”

A monkey named Mickey

A donkey named Smokey

Eating a cookie

The donkey was musky

Hell's Belles ... about southern girls that don't wanna wear petty coats and sit on the front porch drinking iced tea. They wanna get out and party at the local club or something...

Soul Side out... I still want to work on this one, but more than one song about this subject can only help the world. It's about living with your soul on the outside instead of keeping it locked up & hidden inside.

What the ____ is going on here? ... The ____ is a loud 1/2 beat instrumental. The listener can fill in the blank. With what? I don't give a ____?

Well, I can't find my notes for the other ones, but I will post again if I think of any of them.