Hi there, I'm looking for a Spanish song I heard play a few times at a Cuban resort this January. I can't get it out of my head for some reason, but the Internet has only come back with Spanish covers of the Justin Bieber song. (It's NOT that.)

Unfortunately I have absolutely no recollection of the other lyrics, just this break in the song in which he says "Lo siento... Lo siento..." all sheepishly.

It's a pretty goofy, lighthearted sounding song with a fun beat. He has a somewhat low, gravelly, "sexy" voice. The video I saw with it is kind of low budget looking with a white backdrop, him in a scientist/teacher outfit posing in front of a whiteboard on wheels apparently teaching a bunch of Latina girls in tiny shorts sitting at school desks. Cut scenes with them twerking all up on and around him lead me to believe he's teaching them something about sex/being sexy/who knows, I could be completely wrong.

¡Por favor, ayúdame! ¡Gracias!