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  1. SattieM said:

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    Can someone please translate the below Farsi to English?

    Zan be in khobi hamejore servis mide

    Ye gahgahi be pagesh sar mizanam kheili bahale baraye khande

    Oghdehaye darono mirize to safash

    Thanks in advance.
  2. dxlmz01 said:


    lol, did the first one for you, going to the second.

    are you spying on someones personal messages ?! lol, not my business though

    it roughly goes :

    such a good woman, does everything one could want ( carrying a tiny hint of sexual things !)
    I visit her page from time to time, its good for a laugh or two
    shes making up for things she lacks with posting on her page

  3. SattieM said:


    thanks for the translations. And yes, I am snooping on my bf messages.