Hey there,

glad i found this forum and i hope someone might help me with this. This must be bothering me for almost 20 years now.

This 90s Euro Dance song is stuck in my head since my childhood.


It actually only has a few words of lyrics, but for my piece of mind i'd like to understand them.

The song starts with what seems to be voice samples from communication with astronauts. To get this info i had emailed the artist - and he even replied within days but could not or didn't want to help me any further.

So i understand the first lines in the first 20 seconds to be

Yeah everything is ???? here,
we're just waiting for ?????
???? ???? ??? ??????
and some more questionmarks

Then after some moments at around 41 seoncds a repeating voice sample is used which i would say means


But i'm not sure if it could be something else.
I think the best moment to listen to it is around 1:09 into the lyrics.

Later on there seem to be some real lyrics which also only partially understand. It starts at 1:59 and is repeated at around 2:50

??? this rainbow
??? ??? ??? ???

I have searched for the lyrics multiple times over the years until i tried to email the artist and now i try my luck here, maybe someone has a better ear than me or is just better with the english language which is not my native language.

Thanks a lot for your help or any hints!