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    Nectarphine said:

    Default mel c lyrics?

    i was told that mel c sings this song im tryna get...the lyrics go along the lines of...i found a reason to survive....but i cant find them anythwhere...any suggestions ladies and gents?
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    logan01 said:


    Are you in a position to contact the radio station that played that song? I've been looking a long time with no luck. One would think those exact lyrics would pop right up. There's plenty of other songs with "reason to survive".... in them. Would you settle for one of those, mate? I'm sorry, couldn't resist; it's getting late. We'll just have to keep looking!
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    have you tried a site called its a pretty good site you can search via song lyrics, artists, albums etc so here is the proper link for you to give it a go

    LetsSingIt - Artist news, biographies, albums, songs, lyrics, pictures, fanpages and more!

    good luck with the search!!!
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    Nectarphine said:


    thanks guys...will keep trying
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    Attached is a Link (remove the quotation marks first) to Mel C's song lyrics.
    Mel has songs titled "Reason" and "Why" but the lyrics are not a direct match for your search.

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