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  1. FallenCrown said:

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    This was an emotional driven poem that I wrote when I lost my girlfriend to suicideat a few months back, but a few friends told me I should start putting my stuff out there to get it seen. So here I am XD

    Fire in her eyes

    The winters brisk grip setting in, numbness spreads within all she is.
    Her past clings like a Web never coming off.
    Her last goodbye, was her first Hello.*
    The cold creeping into the heart.
    The fire burning low.
    Let the peace reignite*
    Reform her path.*
    She will save the unloved
    She has saved the Unforgiven.
    The cold putting out the fire.
    Let the embers rise
    As another dies.*
    Hear our cries.
    The starlight skies.
    *And Darkness pries.
    Yet her peace denies.
    She saved our lives
    Her spark is gone. But the fire burns.
    The symbol of our life.
    Let her ashes lie.*
    Because she won't die.
    Let her grave rest
    As the fire sets
    Bless those hearts.*
    And their sacred thoughts.
    Peace is here.
    There shall be no fear*
    For she is near.
    1 soul, 2 minds.
    1 girl of many kinds.
    Her memory lives on
    And she will never be gone.
    My story has just begun.
    As hers will never be done.
    Love the Scarlet rose
    For all those she knows
    The eternal crows.
    Watchers of the lost
    All gave their cost.
    Her fire burns on
    Loved from dusk till dawn.
    She beared the crown
    of her father's frown
    The land she was queen
    Where all were keen
    Fear the sky which she lives
    In which she always gives
    The fire in her eyes are burning bright
    Set our story right.
    Let her go, gentle into this night.
    The ashes of our rose
    Always within sight.

    Thanks for looking at it.
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    Woops, had a typo in my intro, sorry 😑