By the way Iím 14 N this is my first song lol so here goes nothing (might be working on it depends on feedback)

Hello Young Boys My Name Is SinisterDoc I like to cause havoc like raping apes they try to escape everyone is videotaping me but **** it I donít care if I go to jail at least I will catch a lot guys tails one time a guy tried to fight me but I stuck my dirty finger nail in his eye I lefted him to die and I tried to drown my fish so I grabbed it and chopped it up (yup i just did that) a lot of people call me crazy but that is how I was born Iím ready to transform into a huge of swarm of me and find you (pew) (pew) thatís the sound of me shooting your dog haa I canít wait till turn world burns down in flames Iím tired of people that could complain bout the president yíall need to get killed by a snowball and have your eyeball fall out one time a dude wanted to fight me because of my views but it didnít end well he tried to cut me with knife I dodged his attacks and I got my baseball bat hit his head so hard he be lookin lost I knew at the moment he was about to be knockout he finally fell to ground I took his wallet he had a portrait of his family I didnít give a **** I still took his money that chubby mother****er should have not tried to fight me oh **** now the cops are here I panicked in fear I said to myself think think I knew what to do I pulled out my strap I started blasting them foos now Iím on the news the army is now trying to kill me so then I pull out my jet pack and give it a little bit of turbo boost my jet pack refused to fly so the nail got loose (oh ****) now I land on the ground Iím surrounded I counted there was 90 people around me (nighty night sin) that was last thing I heard