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    Default Peak in your soul

    Have you ever met somebody who touched your spirit
    I mean something more than a physical connection
    You get nauseous when your near them and a sense of pure affection
    Your only thought
    I wanna see where it goes
    I dont only wanna funk
    I wanna peak in your soul
    . .let me see what it holds
    I dont care a past and your baggage that just strengthens your hold
    On me
    I trust you enough to tell me if you dont want me
    Lets just see where it goes
    Im only in it for ya
    Im not attracted to your body im attracted to your aura
    Let me be your crutch
    Let me the one to support ya
    You met me when i had nothing and your gonna stay until the porsche come
    Let me show you ....your important
    Let me show you mean more than
    The world
    The moon
    And everything to me
    You raise my endorphins when im close to you
    You mean the most to me
    Tell me that i mean the most to you
    The feelings that i have are the same ones i hope you do ...

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    Wow emotional and clearly caring about someone a lot I like it

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    Its a rough draft still a work in progress

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