I am a walking embarrassment,
Guarded by a heavy embankment.
Parapets built atop my walls,
To watch and predict deadly falls.
Shameful and paranoid are my guards,
Able to spot at distances of yards.
They see something approach,
“Careful now...” my emotions coach.
It is beauty and kindness that would speak,
My voice immediately turns meek.
We converse about life and love,
it is warm like a winter glove.
I babble and stammer,
She inquires “What’s the matter?”
My shame takes control,
The conversation takes a disasterous roll.
Information from an open door,
Left out in the open is my secret lore.
Shame! Shame!
I am the one to blame!
I dismissed my guards,
Sang of secrets like a bard!
I tremble,
Worry becomes semble.
I immediatly begin to pray,
Then I hear the soft words “It’s okay.”
My world crumbles less,
The aftermath of this emotional mess.
Emotions become kinetic,
As I move on becoming copacetic.
There will be a day where I won’t need these walls,
To walk taller down life’s halls.
A step forward down the road,
to a calmer, simpler emotional mode.