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  1. ADDNoah said:

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    I know I must wait,
    Yet I feel it is too late..
    Though I have problems with my weight,
    it is a problem really I hate.

    Water is what I am resigned to drink,
    but smaller avenues allow me to think.
    Coffee needs water to be a link,
    it will perk up my attitude in a wink.

    No milk or cream to add,
    I'll grow use to it and be glad.
    I don't know if this is just a fad,
    these two drinking options I've had.

    I gain energy and feel inspired,
    I no longer feel retired.
    Though it is easily expired,
    more to drink is required.

    My thoughts are rapid and intense,
    my emotions run wild beyond any fence.
    Do my thoughts actually make sense?
    Am I becoming that dense?

    Anxious and waiting a reply,
    constantly refreshing and asking why.
    I know these reasons are a lie,
    yet my anxiety makes me cry.

    "Just wait, relax." A good friend said,
    as my thoughts are scattered in my head.
    I feel it is lost and the conversation dead...
    Then a new message is to be read.

    My anxious thoughts rested,
    the conversation is still invested.
    My patience must be tested,
    or else fall victim and be bested.

    Caffeine enhances this scary mood,
    often causing me to brood.
    It makes me think I'm being lewd,
    that I have said something incredibly rude.

    I read my messages and quickly edit,
    thinking my corrections will benefit.
    I correct my words and exchange it,
    hoping a better meaning to befit.

    Not the case,
    my thoughts gave chase.
    It should never be a race,
    crossing a tape of lace.

    Foolishness I will feel,
    as I truly understand the deal.
    i am explained what is actually real,
    and my thoughts begin to heal.

    A will to wait,
    I must create,
    It's okay to reply late,
    for it could lead to a happy fate.
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