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Thread: song to say "I miss you"

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  1. sofiathomsons123 said:

    Default song to say "I miss you"

    Hi, I have to tell a boy that I can't forget him, even if I want. I feel SSO stupid!
    The problem is that I do not want a pop song, but something rock..
    Any advices?Thanks
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  2. MDR said:


    Doesn't blink 182 have a song called "miss you"? There's different type of rocks songs, so you kind of have to be more specific as well as why you miss him. It's easy to pick a generic song when you give vague info, especially, when you say things like you feel stupid.
  3. Emilie Turner's Avatar

    Emilie Turner said:


    What about the song of the Rolling Stones??it is called "Miss You"