Time is always progressive
It wanders far away
I soon become obsessive
I can't sleep as I lay

Panicked thoughts of the future
Scream aloud inside my head
Anxiety is in the mixture
Of my body made of bread

Wanting to be tough
Wanting to be prepared
Though changes can be rough
My fears have become bared

From good to bad is what I have thought
No certainty that it is the truth
Overcoming the emotion I have brought
And understanding things like a sleuth

There will always be change
Time in a bottle does not progress
Allow my thoughts not to derange
But allow me to properly address

A new normal will arrive
It comes with it's own objectives
A new meaning I will derive
Then I will be more receptive

Calming will ensue
Progress will be made
Strength will renew
And relief will be paid

Looking from the beginning
It seems so far away
But I will be grinning
When I arrive calmly to that day