I am not in a good mood
Everything seemed fine
I take something that could be rude
Then I feel it had crossed a line

I sit and I stew
It boils inside
Other thoughts become few
Shaken off by this emotional ride

Why did they do that?
What is the goal?
Should I sweep this under a mat?
My heart becomes black as coal

Clearly, I am at fault!
That or they are being ignorant!
All my conclusions I land in a vault
My thoughts rapidly become a torrant

Confusion surrounds
My fists clench
Anger resounds
My emotions wrench

Can I even talk to them?
Should I bring it up?
Become emotionless like a golem
Don't let it spill from your cup

I'm over thinking once more
These thoughts aren't clear like a pool
What is all this for?
To bring this up, I would simply look the fool

I need to take a step back
Look at this from all angles
Let's put these emotions on a rack
Before all these emotions have tangles

I don't believe I am correct
In the sense that this anger needs to exist
It's something that has become erect
And has malformed like a cist

It's hard not to give in
These rage filled thoughts
I should treat it like a sin
And never be apart of those lots

It will be difficult
It can't be conquered in a day
Actions in anger will always be my fault
Then there will be nothing else to say

Take a moment and think
Truly think on these matters
Is there really a link?
Don't let it shred you to tatters

Breathe in and hold
Breathe out and release
These feelings of old
And let this anger cease