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  1. ADDNoah said:

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    Opportunity was at my door
    I could feel it within reach
    But I let it slip through the floor
    And let it be a lesson to teach

    It's slipping away
    Right across my fingertips
    Rolling away as I lay
    Positivity slowly slips

    "I had a good run"
    Deep down I say
    I had so much fun
    And now it comes to today

    Though I have missed
    And emotions become to fade
    Spite and anger has hissed
    Through this flood I wade

    Feeling demoralized
    Feeling distressed
    My enjoyment is polarized
    Because these actions are self-addressed

    There is no one to blame
    Everything I have done
    I must burden the shame
    And feel the embrace of the shun

    An empty head
    A hollowed heart
    I will crawl to my bed
    And rest for work at the mart

    Things will move on
    Today will be a blip
    Tomorrow a new dawn
    And potentially new friendship
  2. RitaOraFan said:


    It kind of reflects my mood
  3. ADDNoah said:


    Quote Originally Posted by RitaOraFan View Post
    It kind of reflects my mood
    Thoughts, prayers and positive waves through your current situation.