Tellin them about world peace
My people are getting bombed in the street
Uh, yeah president asking for world peace
Its easy how the roles freeze
I am gonna die, oh please
I am just a guy
Who can realize the lies
And the crimes
My mind is set to order
More people in the country’s border
Begging for food
To feed their own
Uh, but who cares when people are crying about their dresses , about having poor connections
While my brothers are getting to heaven,
What can i can tell you, about the people you call leaders
That doesn’t even know their birthdays
Killed his solider
Blasted him with a missile
Executed his friend
He’s scared of shaving
And it’s like he didnt do a thing
Like damn is it that easy
To just take a nap
And get flagged
While people are getting trapped
Gas is spreading around
Is there a chance?
That my brothers are gonna last
With people that can blast
My friend once told me a tragic
That happened in the traffic
He was buying a soda
While his friend was just saying its my borders
Got shot in the head, one week and he was dead
For what did you shoot? Are you scared of the truth?
You are a coward that has towers, but imma burn them down, and pull you down into the crowd, imma have the crown, and shoot it around,there is no leaders when im around
Peace is gonna be around , when im done with my message yo, people are going to be down
To world peace
That is some real peace
Its gonna last
Like my brothers in hamas
The faith is real and your flashed
Making people kiss your face?
Man imma spit in your face
And sing world peace