Hayley you dumb *****

Youre a scratch I no longer I try to itch

By the way I think theres a good chance your weak friend Navi
made her way to the opposite of the grand place you think she shes been waiting Shes probably sitting in a den where im sure youl be joining her Where its real hot and water is something thatís a preoccupying thought.
GOD JUST ONE DROP OF WATER. JUST ONE DROP. You will all scream. And the lord will look down with no pity enjoying your pleas. You thought his word was bullshit and you prayed for a month before giving up You unfaithful **** youre timeline for giving chances is so limited and your desires are selfish and so discriminate. Now this is your call to repentance before you join your friend Navi. Abandon the sex abandon the lying abandon the cheating and I know these things are hard as theyíve become so ingrained in you if these things reflected your outside appearance youd be a flat lard. But looks are deceiving and so are you, its my grand wish that someone would pull up next to you in with a 22, maybe your ex will do the job after I spill beans on your past activities which are limited to things like lying cheatin and You deserve a true beating. But vengeance isnít mine itís the lords to take so il sit back and pray that he see my souls pain and takes it upon himself to see your soul to take.
Thatís not to say we didnít have good times. If we didnít I wouldnít be writing these rhymes.
You and I were buds like neighbors on a windchime. But all good things must come to end relationships are bullshit and im doubting il ever find anyone to cut the ****. Once im in shape youre gonna see what youíve missed out on, whatd you think you dumb ***** id spend my whole life in bed getting fatter fatter and increase in matter as I aged like wed just keep turning the page in the book life and Blayden would slowly downgrade worse than before, ***** if you donít deserve me at my worst you wont see me at my best. Ive known since a young child I was put here to do something great. But its too late now for you to become of part of that life. I donít see it coming but I know my decidaction at the gym is going to pay off and what follows will be women who make you look like a dime a dozen. Meanwhile these girls will be prime totally unique just like these lines.

By the way I think theres a good chance your weak friend navi found her to the opposite shes probably sitting in a den
Where its real real hot and water is something thatís a preoccupying thought.