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  1. Reason said:

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    She was trying to help me
    But I was trying to myself
    Couldn't see it then cause I was so consede
    She tried to save me from it
    but I was out here fronting
    That night she left me and I was feeling empty
    That was night she packed her bags and told me she couldn't take it
    I told her she would be coming back when I make it
    Never knew that was the night that she'd be gone
    Still think about her everyday and it has been so long
    Lost the love of my life that night
    And yeah I cry at night
    You would to if you really knew how it went down that night
    Me on my knees begging her to stay
    Her saying that she got rent got to pay
    I saw the pain but I still kept asking her to stay
    These are my lyrics even if ain't here to hear it
    Everyday I look up to heaven and wonder why it happened
    Should've realized before it happened
  2. felchingblumpkiner said:


    I like what you have, are you going to add more? I think you could make this even better by extending it, its pretty clever.