If you have title suggestions let me know.

I'm after ideas on where to go now on this. Bit stuck. If you want details on what it's about let me know too.

Rough lyrics at the moment.

Let society dictate our place in the world
Step by step, you don't have a say, just fit into the mould
Don't question anything you're told
May the unseen sculptor craft the perfect follower
I don't want to hear that ****, it is or isn't fair
Who would've thought we'd be compared to rabbits in a headlights glare?
A booby trapped planet causing this effect
As I stumble over tripwires borderlining the edges of being politically correct
I swear we're the exact same generic lego men
Clones with different hair colours, Moira Burton and Sherry Birkin
(Moira everyday)
And, I reach for paper and pen in my car glove compartment
As the community evolves from Bedrock to the Skypad Apartments