As I seem to rage
Fists clenched tight
Inside this fleshy cage
My feelings aren't right

Taunted by cowardly words
Lies and slander abound
Calm turns sour like curds
Bells for a new round

All I want to do is smash
Destroy without consequence
My emotions are quite brash
Decimate in sequence

I want them to feel my hurt
I want them to understand
How their words were harsh and curt
But it never goes as planned

Revenge always breeds more
The lessons you teach will never be learned
Deep down to it's darkest core
Creates a new achievement to be earned

When revenge is met
They return with more
Then begins a new set
What is it all for?

Revenge creates new lows
Who can hand out the worst?
Meaningless I suppose
Emotions bottled until burst

It's hard to come to acceptence
To understand it's not important
Even while I write this sentence
I still feel angry and reluctant