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    Default Downbeat/Dreampop/Experimental Indie Band - Female Singer

    I was at a gig last year waiting for the main act to come on and loved the music being played over the PA. All were by the same artist and I jotted down a few lyrics thinking I'd find out who it was when I got home - no joy.

    First song I wrote "Thinking about summer" and "looking up, looking up"

    Second - "Something's pulling us apart" and "I dream you still" - possibly a lyric about a small town in this one too, or it being "good seeing you again"

    Style was mainly electronic - synth's/drum machine - maybe similar to something like Beach House. It was a female singer, possibly American/Canadian. It was downbeat in style, quite sombre.

    It was an alternative/indie type gig so probably something within that vast scene. Likely to be something released over the past few years.

    Any help would be really appreciated.
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