I spoke to the devil in Miami (my lyrics)

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    Default I spoke to the devil in Miami (my lyrics)

    I spoke to the devil in Miami
    It was, 10pm in London, I was all (a)lone,
    Then I got a call on my phone,
    In a devilish voice I heard the words, ‘Come to Hyde Park’,
    When I got there, it was all dark,
    I could see the dogs run off and bark,
    Then something hit the ground and left a mark,
    Then I realised, it was the devil,
    All of a sudden, face to face, he was at the same level,
    I spoke to the devil in London, he said everything would be fine,
    He said the only thing he wanted, was that soul of mine,
    And, when I decided to give him my soul,
    I could feel that growing and gaping hole,
    The devil knew he had succeeded in his goal,
    My now soulless body had started to take its toll,
    In my right hand, I held a fork,
    And suddenly had the strength of an orc,
    Soon I turned big and red,
    And the same time, I was getting more evil to the head,
    And, my kindness had slowly started to shed,
    The devil then said to me, ‘My job is done’,
    Soon, his existence was none, (pronounced as ‘nun’)


    If you want, look in youtube at the instrumental (I spoke to the devil in Miami) to visualize what I am saying.

    What do you guys think?
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