Here it is (still trying to figure out title) its basically going about going through a breakup, starting out debating whether or not he should listen to his heart or his head

Yo, I'm tryna figure out what's better
My heart or brain
She's tryin to talk to me,
but I don't wanna hear her.
"Its not you, its me"
Yeah sure, cuz its not like the pain was immense
but screw that, I'm over you.
its like my heart and my brain are fighting, tryna start a coup
On one hand, I want you
On the other, I know you'll just leave again
Yo, I'm over you.
We'll never do stuff like we used to do.
I hope you're happy with him.
But in reality,
I hope your relationship goes dim.
I used to be hung up on her
Then I realized,
She left me cold (brrr...)
I used to think it was meant to be,
But it was just a catastrophy.
However I've gotta give you this bow...
Cuz at least I'm happier now.