Death,blood and mayhem
Spent gunpowder filled the air
He awoke with no memories
Surrounded by despair

Bodies littered the battlefield
The fighting over and done
The blue and the gray
Father and son

Took clothes where he found them
Either color would do
No one could blame him
After what he'd been through

He called out for help
The hours passed him by
No walking wounded
Not one reply

Confederacy or Union
Where did he belong
Was there a right
Was there a wrong?

All he knew was
His life had been spared
What side he was on
He no longer cared

The last man left alive
His fate had been sealed
Last man standing
On the Lost Battlefield

Note:Itís been a long time since Iíve posted here.Why?For some odd reason whenever I attempted to log in it would redirect so many times that it made it impossible to log computer and I seem to be able to participate.
This poem was originally half finished years ago.When I mentioned it to the now absent Frankie Jasmine,she told me ďI MUST SEE THIS,PLEASE COMPLETE IT AND LET ME READ IT!ĒSo,I finished it awhile ago,and sheís no longer around!Oh well,hope someone out there liked it.It used to have images between each stanza,but at Allthelyrics that ainít happening!