Tell me where this world is headed too
When I'm so far away from you
Ya tell me your just a phone call away
So I dropped my phone in the toilet today
Which left me dripping wet, a stink for the eye
The aftermath of every ****ing lie
I miss the downs of yesterday
The days where we would come to play
You pull me in just to throw me away
Not that I ever cared to stay
Now I hope you see what it's done to me
All that we could never be


You can question why tell me its not right
but through my eyes is a loosing fight
Ya left me buried alive through the frost of the night
I blacked out to forget our plight
As you give him the key to your sultry needs
Innocence is what you'll plead
Like the story of Adam and Eve
Your poisonous fruit will be the death of me


Let me run run far away from here
Run run to the coast in my dear
Watch me run run far away from here
Run run from the past in fear
Let me run run far away from here
Run run to the coast my dear
Let me run run far away from here

You are my greatest fear


The years go by as I'm stuck in a time
Where teenage lust never came to light
To stay or to go, oh how the question grows old
Forgetting you has become my goal
As I close my eyes just to picture the sight
Of your blue eyes locked onto mine
But as the picture grows clear, I see you shedding a tear
You whisper never look back to the past my dear

So let me run run far away here
Letting go of all our fears


Looking back into the past
Helps me see what was really had
Some drunken fights, most lonely nights
A broken home, an empty flask
Now I hate you and love me
I guess thats our epitome
The end is always bittersweet
My fugue state gets the best of me

When you hear this song and the irony
You'll realize I was always Just Kidding

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