Playhouse - Lick Me (Explicit!) Lyrics?

Thread: Playhouse - Lick Me (Explicit!) Lyrics?

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  1. TransGLover said:

    Post Playhouse - Lick Me (Explicit!) Lyrics?

    Song from 2009 (3:33), not easy to find online and even Deezer/Spotify/Shazam etc have no lyrics for it...
    Yes the lyrics are a bit dirty, but they also deserve to be found somewhere, no?

    I tried to transcribe it and think I miss 1 line, am not 100% sure of the rest (after listening few times I changed some words).
    Hope someone can check/complete it.
    Almost complete Lyrics..:

    Thanks beforehand,
  2. TransGLover said:


    Anyone to give it a try?
    Most of it is done already, just want to be sure I'm correct so far and want to know the line I miss.
  3. TransGLover said:


    I still wait, check regularly...
  4. f_oliver2003 said:


    Maybe this:

    touch the right spot at the right time,
    let you tongue fool around and start a crime.

    In the backside of your bed,
    can't you feel I'm dripping wet,
    Don't leave here, kiss on demand
    In your mouth I want to melt.
  5. TransGLover said:


    I was thinking more in the direction of "kiss on the neck", but couldn't get it in combination with the first part of the line. Your guess sounds correct.
    Also your second line, which is quite different from my try.
    I'll adapt it in my file, maybe some can validate the songtext with the track.