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    Default Lyrics "dream, dream, dream we dream tonight"

    Hello. This is repost of a request from 2012 and then 2015.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mooo View Post
    Hallo, this is repost of my old topic from year 2012 (I guess it's allowed to repost after such a long time.. original link )

    Part of the song I am looking for can be found either here (click play button) or can be downloaded here (

    Any help would be appreciated! Any suggestions welcome!

    Here are some lyrics I caught while listening:
    ___ on me
    I need you and ___ want you?
    Dream, dream, dream, we dream tonight.
    __ I love to ___ your ___ ????

    There is also possibility that this is not legitimate song, it might just be music sample, though I'm not sure about this.
    Original thread from 2012 here:
    Thread from 2015 here:

    atmaestro suggested it could be "We Can Dream" by Kimberley Richards. However I have no means of getting that album... Could anyone suggest me where to ask? Or do you please have any other suggestions for what the song could be?
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