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    Corsa SRI

    Smile MTV Dance Beats. Techno Rave Dance trance Type tune.

    Hi all, As the title says its a dance trance sorta tune, I heard it on MTV beats last night, loved it, missed the title and artist name as you do, Just caught the last word of the title, "strings"

    the video was a big rave with green lasers all over the crowd, that pretty much sums it up. pretty vague, but any help would be greatfully recieved.

    Happy Christmas!

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    Wild guess is "Pull the Strings" by Ozy
    Them that can, do; them that can't... memorize Artist and Title

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    Corsa SRI

    Hi there fella, Thankx for replying, I have found the tune i was after. It was'nt the one you had suggested, however it promted me to renembering the dj's name, "tiesto" and i found the track. Its called DJ TIESTO - ADIAGO FOR STRINGS.

    I use limewire, and i put in, dance and strings, and true to form limewire found something for me! hope other people have similar luck, i hate loveing a track, but not knowing what it is, or how to obtain it.


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