I can hear the song in my head, but the correct lyrics don't come to mind for me to seem to be able to find it. I think I was listening to a 70s classic rock playlist from iTunes at the time, but I didn't look at the song at the time and wan't able to get back to figure it out.

I've attempted to record what I can remember. The recording is here at vocaroo. This is the melody sung by a male singer, and for me, the last 5 notes would be the most memorable for this song. I don't remember it being a garage-type recording, and the tempo of the recording should be pretty close.

I know it's not Pink Floyd; I've gone through every song of theirs on Apple Music.

I've even gone so far as to go by the local rock station to ask them to play name that tune, but my recording didn't spark any recollection with their go-to guy.

I hope you can help.