Dara Deep feat. Jenny - Ghetto Vagina (probably Nordic To ENG)

Thread: Dara Deep feat. Jenny - Ghetto Vagina (probably Nordic To ENG)

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  1. TransGLover said:

    Default Dara Deep feat. Jenny - Ghetto Vagina (probably Nordic To ENG)

    I have no idea if this song is in any way explicit, but it may be.

    It's kind of a rapstyle track with heavy subwoofer bass in it.
    I recognise a few close words, so the language should be Nordic.
    I tried a few words in Google Translate but it's very confusing,
    for every word I try it picks another Nordic language.

    Anyway, if someone could get the songtext and translate it to English, I would be grateful.
    I'd like to have both, since I can't find the original songtext online anywhere...

    Here's the playable song:

    Good luck and many thanks for the person who saves me!
    Greetz, TGL
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  2. Isä Apotti said:


    The artist "Dara Deep" is from Zurich, Switzerland.
    The language she is using appears to be Swiss German dialect.
  3. TransGLover said:


    Anyone who understands something?
  4. Albruna's Avatar

    Albruna said:


    Maybe you should edit the languages in the title and ask a moderator to move this to the German section? Might increase your chance that someone can help.

    Otherwise, I wish I could help you but my German German is useless when it comes to understanding this crazy Swiss talk whenever I meet someone Swiss I ask them to speak English to me...