First 16 bars in 10 years. No regular post.

Thread: First 16 bars in 10 years. No regular post.

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  1. 020Jeffs said:

    Lightbulb First 16 bars in 10 years. No regular post.

    I live in a cold dead universe so what you rehearse dont concern me
    I firstly form personal views then argue conversely
    Tryina work out these, verbally nonsensical slurrings
    into something deserving of me just versing they're lurking.

    I'm perfectly capable of overworking the notes. If I
    fire through once its nice, but if I cook doughs twice it's toast
    I'm a ghost I dont get close, cant be seen, cant be understood
    Find me under hoods trying flows times a hund-er-red

    Its wonderous when I spit lyrically quick thunderous, dark,
    I been this sick since that A-star in english lit, cant
    extinguish it silence relinquish it harness,
    the noise. Turn it down like Teresa, regardless.

    Thats when I wanna actually just question the facts in a
    frank manner and I'm making holes like dracula with a jackhammer
    and his back covered and i'm never coming back from it cos I smashed all of this
    sh*t, straight dashed all of this back where I got it


    If you've read this far, please leave a comment. Any, and all, opinions are appreciated.
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