Hot Fuss

Verse 1: Lights, camera, action / said it again: lights, camera, action is the name of the game / you better not choke when you're in the spotlight / numerous eyes on you as you're looking hot and tight / the new standard becomes you overnight / collect gold at the end of the rainbow / if you're fresh and fierce

Verse 2: The more things change, the more they stay the same / stop complaining if you're losing at this game / in the land of a thousand things, swallow any pill / and be transported into a realm of truth versus fiction / sanity is elusive in a winner-takes-all atmosphere

Verse 3: Sound and colour as usual distractions / doing deeper mostly involves p**** and p**** / nothing is always safe, risks have to be taken / unless you wrap yourself in a bubble / to become free of decisions and dilemmas / time is of the essence as they say / you can move like a tortoise or a cheetah / or not exist at all

Chorus: Hot fuss and sunglasses / hot fuss and good angles / hot fuss and great drama / everything you can chew on / 24/7 buffet with unlimited credit cards / feasting on saints and sinners / everyone has a different type of hunger

Written by B. (Saturday, October 27, 2018) Copyright 2018