Verse 1: If you want to focus on taxes and p**** / then by all means, go right ahead / I dream about replicating stars / and moving faster than light and sound / the only way to get out of myself / is to separate from everything I know / if I am built to build / then all things from the ground will be changed / my essence will be released and planted / into the hearts and minds of future generations

Verse 2: If something is wrong, then I'll try to correct it / when I own myself / fear can't be used against me / its shadows are inferior to the dominant light within me / to know and trust my capabilities / is to immerse in wonder and truth / when destinies are viewed as being fables / then the only thing left to believe in is yourself

Verse 3: There's a constant stream of numbers and symbols / floating in the air and covering the ground / if I'm wise enough to understand their patterns / I won't be confused by trends, rhetoric, and all the goddamn lies / there is sanity when things are in order / there is peace of mind when justice is achieved / rejecting apathy is never difficult / I appreciate the sacrifices made for me

Chorus: Not dumb, not lazy, not indifferent / patterns are waiting to be copied / many plans and adventures to come into existence / infinite possibilities surround us

Written by B. (Wednesday, November 21, 2018) Copyright 2018