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  1. ghaw2007 said:

    Lightbulb Looking For Something More

    Looking For Something More

    Verse 1: Looking for classy and confidence / to light up the dark of night / waves of drama causing trauma / slowly drowning in the day / escaping circles is complicated / history can be insidious / dormant as the seconds pass by / then disrupting the balance of normalcy / cheap, common are quick fixes / the height of mundanity / mainstream yearns to be rendered blissfully motionless / travel from top of heads to bottom of feet

    Verse 2: Danger and disease linger beneath surfaces of pleasure and openness / caution leads to inhibitions / excitement slowly diminishes / removing boxes is complicated / taking risks can be frightening / unknown places conceal faces of the strong-willed and bold / generations multiply as past becomes nullified / mainstream yearns to be rendered constantly secure / protection is at the core of relations

    Verse 3: Sound and colour, demanding and dominant / competition is everywhere / winning all that is great is the goal / having nothing is depressing / being appealing is complicated / a struggle between self and others / reclusiveness becomes more of a decent option / mainstream yearns to be exclusively attached

    Chorus: We’re always looking for something more / more to be fulfilled / it takes on a life of its own / passion is that elusive link to living a great life / once experienced, you’ll always want to have it / important in profound ways / emptiness and boredom take hold as soon as it’s gone

    Written by B. (Saturday, June 30, 2018) Copyright 2018
  2. 2numbers said:


    You sound like a tea party fan. I love it!