Living Colour

Verse 1: I just could not stay away / compelled to return / fully, completely colourful / suppression was toxic and foolish / bad ideas have been washed away from brain and body / yesterday will not repeat itself / as I cling to the bright promise of tomorrow

Verse 2: I was anger's prey for a long time / devoured from its force and destructive influence / so innocent and pure from the start / blame and shame now belong to the ones who transgressed / sorrow and pain were stuck between the ears / a virulent mix of many shades of loathing

Verse 3: Heal to teach, teach to be healed / some moments exist for reasons unknown to us / like a puzzle waiting to be completed / patience and a plan are very much required / some pieces are bruised or broken / some remain lost and can never be found / I can only decide for myself / with one life to live, I'm determined to be living colour

Chorus: A life wave has come over me / bringing me to a better side / it's here to save me from the noise of hatred and jealousy / peace, once elusive, is realized / blood pressure is stabilized / discovering the gifts I've reached have all been worthwhile / I'm finally living colour

Written by B. (Friday, June 22, 2018) Copyright 2018